Crystal Mays

Crystal S. Mays
Founder & CEO Creative Institute K12

Crystal S. Mays, M.Ed. is the founder of Creative Institute. She has received her B.A. in Education, M.A. in School of Administration and is currently a Curriculum and Instruction doctoral learner. She has 17 effective years of education experience. Collaborating with all stakeholders has been a continuous effort to provide enriched learning experiences for all diverse learners to become a success!






Advisors Responsibility

Advisors are here to support the student in planning for college, preparing for exams, and creating a time management schedule. High school students have the opportunity to tour various colleges and universities. Junior year students will be coaching to apply for college.


Expectation from the student

CIK12 understands the students’ various needs and academic levels to succeed. Students develop their academic skills by completing assignments and participating in the course room.

Students become more independent as they progress in the course work and grade levels. Students are able to demonstrate effort and understanding by collaborating with peers and teachers.

Students practice skills on a daily basis to attain mastery. We recommend consistency of work effort such as engaging in a 2-3 hours academic practice, daily.


Parental Involvement

Parents are advocates for their child’s learning experiences to assure that the child receives the maximum level of education. Collaborating with the teacher and child is key to the student’s success. Demonstrating involvement, confirming completion of assignments, and providing material to complete tasks creates a pathway for success.

The setting for each child may vary and is determined by the parents. However, to maximize your child’s learning experiences, a calm and motivating environment is highly recommended.