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We are waiting to change your life experiences to improve student achievement. You may learn at your pace and complete your coursework wherever you are.

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Students are provided support via online, email, and telephone to guide student learning and produce positive student performance.

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Students are given the opportunity to build a learning community with peers within their course room during live interactive lesson.


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Crystal Mays

Crystal Mays


“We were not pleased with the public school that my children attended. My children seemed to struggle in a regular classroom setting because of the lack of classroom management. Now, my children attend Creative Institute and they are having an awesome experience! We can continue to travel and they can attend school all year long.”

Danny Rodgers

“CIK12 is the way to go to get your child on track. My child is ADHD and has ODD. The instructors used engaging techniques and made it easy for my son to learn and retain information.”

Tasha Henderson

“I really am surprised of how I am able to complete my assignments and still have time to film 2 to 3 days a week!”

George Smith